I have known Anita for more than 15 years as a colleague that I can ask advice of.
Anita has run a dermatology referral service from our Gossops Green surgery for many years now and I have always found her to be very approachable, helpful and extremely skilled in diagnosing and treating dermatology cases.
Recently I have taken to emailing her questions about unusual cases, with the case history and sometimes photos of the animal's skin lesions. She is very prompt in her replies and certainly has given me some pretty thorough answers, often heading me off to investigate some underlying disease that could be the root cause the problem. She even gave me ideas for a difficult ferret sore feet problem.
I find this personal service very much easier than trolling through books looking for inspiration with these difficult cases.

Karen-Anne Smith BVMS MRCVS
Stanbridge Veterinary Clinics Ltd., Crawley

Anita has seen internally and externally referred dermatology cases at Pennard Veterinary group for the past 11 years.

I have always found her extremely helpful and approachable and the advice she has given has been of the highest of standard, as you would expect.

She is very prompt in replying to any messages or queries that we have had and I would fully endorse the use of the new online advice service for those tricky cases that you do not have the luxury of referring.

It is always reassuring that Anita has never been in the least bit critical of any treatment or diagnostic investigation that has been carried out prior to her seeing the case.

Sally Aylward
Pennard Veterinary Group, Sevenoaks