Case Studies


Sterile pyogranulomatous dermatitis

Presentation: a six and half year old of Staffordshire bull terrier was presented with well demarcated ulcers underlying pustular crusts on the trunk and legs (figures 1 & 2).

History: The condition had started about 3 weeks after administration of a worming tablet and was not particularly pruritic.  Although the dog had previous history of allergies he had not had any signs for about 3 years. 

Diagnosis: After a clinical examination and some in-house cytology (figure 3) on matter collected from the ulcers, a tentative diagnosis of sterile pyogranulomatous dermatitis was made.

Sterile pyogranulomatous dermatitis is a condition where there is an aberrant immune response to an antigen (e.g. drugs, diet, infectious agents, etc).  It is a treatable condition, but diagnosis takes careful history taking and examination.  Confirmation is usually by histology, but in this case the client opted for trial treatment to limit the expense.

Outcome: The dog responded well and the lesions have now resolved (figure 4), so in this case the wormer was likely to have been the trigger.

Anita Patel (January 2012)


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Figure 1 - Lesions on right foreleg

Figure 2 - Ulcers with crusts removed


Figure 3 - Cytology: neutrophils, macrophages, and few lymphocytes without any visible bacteria (x100 stained with DiffQuik)

Figure 4 - Lesions (resolved) after 4 weeks of treatment