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Skin problems are frequently seen in most veterinary practices - some animal skin diseases can be cured simply but others may be more complicated and involve more than one cause - and this is where a dermatology referral to Anita Patel can be invaluable

Most referrals require both immediate treatment and long term management. Once the diagnosis has been made we prescribe a treatment regime that can be carried out over time by the referring veterinary practice. Our aim is to improve the patient's (and owner's) quality of life by reducing or eliminating the symptoms and, by good management, preventing their re-occurence.

Anita co-authored the Saunders handbook on Small Animal Dermatology and has contributed to other books in the field as well as being the author of several papers on feline infectious diseases.

Extracts from the book are available on this site together with details of Anita's other publications and papers.

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Anita Patel is a well known specialist in Veterinary Dermatology - one of only a handful of Dermatologists recognised as Specialists by the Royal College and the only one practising on the South East. Before becoming a Specialist, she ran her own small animal practice for 20 years in Surrey, which she gave up in 2001 to see dermatology referrals full-time.

Anita Patal

While consulting on all aspects of veterinary dermatology, Anita's particular interests are feline dermatology and bacterial infections of the skin, on which she has published several papers. Anita is also involved in clinical trials of new drugs and lectures on dermatology. 20 years of general practice give Anita enormous insight into the practical aspects of treating patients in the home, especially the problems of actually getting clients to carry out long and frequently expensive courses of treatment. When recommending a treatment, therefore, she takes the client's circumstances into account as well as the patient and the condition.
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